Vision Statement ,Mission Statement, Core Values

Vision Statement

SOG is committed to excellence that is driven by an undisputed will to succeed. We believe that through our knowledge and experience of Development and Manufacturing of complex technologies, we are the best in what we do and have the people on board to ensure our sustained success.

Mission Statement 

To provide sustainable technological solutions that offset the negative impact of climate change and rapid urbanisation in ensuring a greener future for mankind and in particular, those that are less fortunate.

Core Values



Keenan Lawrence

Director: Manufacturing & Operations

Base: Cape Town, South Africa



21+ years experience in manufacturing, quality management and procurement at Mercedes-Benz South Africa, Faurecia and Caudwell Marine



Oversaw the manufacturing and deployment of the largest fleet of AWG units in Africa at Cirrus Water Management Rentals


Holds a Diploma in Supply Chain Management, MDP Certificate and a N.Cert in Business Administration




Sebastian Granow

Director: Finance, Strategy & Sustainability

Base: Berlin, Germany


17+ years experience in corporate real estate management, manufacturing and sustainability in Europe, Asia and Africa at Siemens


Reduced the carbon footprint of Siemens South Africa‘s real estate portfolio by >60% within 2 years.


Holds an MBA in Sustainability Management and a Diplom Betriebswirt (Business Administration)